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Overseas Pakistanis are being Housed by the Government

February 16, 2022|

Prime Minister Imran Khan, the current government's leader, has long favored the assistance of Pakistanis living in remote areas who send billions of dollars in remittances. The authorities had given them various responsibilities to help them with transactions, property [...]

Gwadar International Airport is on its way to becoming a World-Class Destination.

February 16, 2022|

In recent years, the developing port city of Gwadar in Balochistan has become a beehive of real estate and infrastructural development. It is an important element of China's Belt Road Initiative, also known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in [...]

What should you do if your neighbours are causing you problems?

February 16, 2022|

It's a difficult business dealing with unpleasant neighbors. Here's how to make the neighborhood a better place. It might be difficult to figure out how to cope with terrible neighbors. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a home only to [...]

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